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The Daily Mail gets defensive over UK being labelled ‘sexist’

This is a pithy article from the newly established Feminist Times. It picks up on the backlash from the recent UN rapporteur’s criticism of the UK being, in her opinion, one of the most sexist countries in the world. Tabloids such as the Daily Mail are often criticised for sexist content, but we’ve shrugged and avoided the paper if it offends. This latest debate has, however, brought out the latent anger against the paper’s attitude towards women in particular and social media is beginning to reflect this.

It comes as no surprise to many that Britain has been labelled as sexist. It seems that projects such as Everyday Sexism is providing empirical evidence for this. Equally, the open misogyny is becoming louder as people begin to speak out about cultural sexism – propagated by, amongst others, the Daily Mail. Our legislation may on the surface be progressing equality, but it appears clear that women and right thinking men are entirely fed up with the chronic low-level sexism that permeates large swathes of our society.


Cited in All the Rebel Women by Kira Cochrane as an example of 4th wave feminist activism. This is a real campaign against an insidious undermining of women as serious and equal adults.

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Human rights are women’s rights, and women’s rights are human rights. Let us not forget that among those rights are the right to speak freely — and the right to be heard.

Hillary Clinton

This sums up the need for women to write.  To ensure the very notion of an ‘oppressed majority’ is consigned to the history of bad ideas, women should write and communicate how misogyny, subtle and outrageous, diminishes us and the entire world.